English 2.1

Listening Part 2 Omega 604

1. when Omega 604 received the STAR, the pilots wanted:

  • to turn right of track because of other traffic.
  • n70 to divert 10 miles to the left to avoid CBs.
  • 00 asked for flight level 280. advised that he was decreasing speed to 280 knots.
  • to turn 10 miles to the right because of weather
  • to turn right and track direct to Jerry.

2. when Omega 604 experienced the turbulence the pilot:

  • advised that he was decreasing speed to 280 knots.
  • asked to decrease speed to 280 knots.
  • they required immediate descent to avoid weather.
  • advised that he is decreased speed to 280 knots.

3. when Bantex 236 received the STAR the pilots reported that (or THE PILOTS REPORTED THAT):

  • they required a change of heading due to a storm to the right.
  • they would remain at the same altitude to avoid storm.
  • turbulence had become lighter as they descended. there was a thunderstorm ahead.
  • they would not need to divert to avoid storm.

4. when asked for further details of turbulence Omega 604 informed A

  • they had left the thunderstorm.
  • turbulence became worse below FL 350.
  • un continued descent and changed heading.
  • light turbulence from time to time.

5. bantex 236s ride report indicated that Omega 604 would experience

  • occasional strong turbulence.
  • continuous moderate turbulence.
  • light turbulence from time to time
  • to get back to the STAR.

6. after Omega 604 reported approaching FL 260 the pilot:

  • changed speed and heading.
  • maintained FL260 because of crossing traffic.
  • continued descent but on the same heading.
  • continuous high turbulence.
  • continued descent and changed heading.

7. when Omega 604 was north of BLOKE, ATC instructed the pilot to track to JERRY:

  • to avoid turbulence.
  • C after 7 miles.
  • to get back on the STAR
  • to avoid crossing traffic.

8. ATC asked Omega 604 to increase speed SO that Omega 604 could:

  • get into the expected landing order
  • urgently track to MITEY
  • fly out of the turbulence quickly.
  • avoid further diversions for weather.
  • stopped below

9. Omega 604 reported that the turbulence:

  • increased just above FL 240.
  • became worse after they increased speed.
  • stopped below FL 240
  • a hold at increased speed JERRY.

10. the wind change at the destination will cause Omega 604 to

  • land on a different RW.
  • expect delay.
  • 007 land on: different RW.
  • decrease approach speed.