English 4.3


1. What situation resulted in a flight delay?

  • a) because baggage and cargo had to be discharged from the aircraft
  • b) because at first the ac weight exceeded its limitation
  • c) because they were forced to await people arriving from another plane
  • d) because the plane could not be detached from the tow bar

2. Why according to Amy one of the passengers, Mr.Lang, began shrieking?

  • a) because the passenger was under the influence of alcohol
  • b) because the surrounding passengers took a lot of abuse about him
  • c) because he had taken excessive amount of medicine
  • d) because he had not taken some pharmaceuticals

3. Why did the flight crew make a resolve to get back to Nelson?

  • a) because returning to departure airport would alleviate the fuel and ac landing weight
  • b) because the nearest airport did not accept any flights for some reason
  • c) because they ran out of fuel to land at the alternate
  • d) because Nelson was the nearest suitable airport

4. What action did Amy take after Mr. Lang started demonstrating air rage?

  • a) invited security personnel to move Mr. Lang away from his area
  • b) moved Mr. Lang away from this area
  • c) verified if security personnel were on board
  • d) apprised the pilot-in-commandz

5. Why did Amy feel relief when Mr. Lang changed his sitting assignment?

  • a) because she was agitated Mr. Lang might make an attempt to open the door
  • b) because the passengers in that area were frightened
  • c) because she had an opinion Mr. Lang would get into a temper if he remained seated
  • d) because other passengers had expressed dissatisfaction with Mr. Langs behavior

6. What measures did the security man finally take to keep the situation with Mr. Lang under control?

  • a) he moved Mr. Lang to another seat at the forward part of the plane
  • b) he handcuffed Mr. Lang to his chair
  • c) he talked to Mr. Lang and urged him to remain calm
  • d) he handcuffed Mr. Lang to a chair at the rear part of the plane

7. What prompted Jenny to get in touch with the Company Operations?

  • a) to clarify that they would be behind the schedule
  • b) to require police officers to come on board the ac after landing
  • c) to seek advice concerning their subsequent course of actions
  • d) to request the company operations to make arrangements for a designated parking space

8. Why didnt the pilots announce MAY DAY?

  • a) because the violent passenger had fallen asleep and no longer posed a significant threat
  • b) because the violent passenger had been under control and didnt pose a threat to others
  • c) because the pilots had already received help from the airspace control to make a shortcut to the airport
  • d) because the crew was pressed for time to contact ATC service

9. Why did Amy establish cockpit communication during the ac descent stage?

  • a) because Mr. Lang presented no significant risk to the people around him
  • b) because Mr. Lang was yelling at Amy
  • c) because they didnt manage to control Mr. Langs behavior
  • d) because she wanted the plane to veer off the route and proceed to another suitable airport

10. How did Tower control give the pilots a hand upon landing?

  • a) by permitting the flight crew to make a one-eighty turn so they were able to taxi to the bay
  • b) by heading the police vehicle to the plane so they were able to board the ac
  • c) by providing the pilots with a special parking area
  • d) by providing the flight crew the least-time taxi route to the terminal